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Our Story

Monuts is a busy bakery and cafe located in Downtown Durham. We began as a donut stand operating off a tricycle near the Durham Farmer's Market in 2011 and have since grown into a bustling counter-service restaurant and bakery with a full menu of breakfast and lunch fare including soups, salads, sandwiches, and of course, donuts. Monuts takes an updated approach to the American breakfast and lunch, pairing bold ethnic flavors with seasonal and local ingredients.  Whether you’re looking for a hot breakfast on a cold day, a crisp fresh salad at the height of summer or a handcrafted pastry or espresso to get you through your afternoon, Monuts has you covered.  You won’t find any premade mixes or artificial flavorings in our food though—everything we sell is made from scratch, by-hand and with natural high quality ingredients.  Breads and pastries are baked fresh daily and sandwiches are made to order—if it seems simple, that’s because the best food often is. 

We couldn’t do what we do without the dedicated team of professionals that help run our restaurant.  From the bakers who arrive when most of us are still cozy in our beds to mix, whisk, roll and bake off today’s breads and pastries to our front of house staff who strive to make sure that each customer’s experience is marked by friendly and courteous service, irresistible foods and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Monuts is as much about people as it is about food.  

Chefs and owners Lindsay Moriarty and Rob Gillespie founded Monuts through a series of wrong turns and redirects.  Although they didn’t set out to open a restaurant, their seemingly unrelated backgrounds in economic development and scientific research led them to follow their passion for food and the unique role it plays in building and strengthening communities.  Moriarty and Gillespie believe that restaurants can and should be far more than one-stop destinations for good food and drink.   Their commitment to good food, quality jobs and regional economic development set them apart from the industry at large, and prove that restaurants don’t have to sacrifice their profits in order to support their communities. 

​Monuts is proud to call Durham home. We are proud to let our values, not our profits guide our business.  And, we are proud to be in the business of bringing people and food together. 

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