Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the right person for CeQur Simplicity?

CeQur Simplicity is intended for subcutaneous delivery of rapid-acting insulin for managing diabetes in adults requiring insulin. CeQur Simplicity has been studied for use in adults over the age of 21 who have been diagnosed with diabetes. CeQur Simplicity is not intended for use in pediatric patients. CeQur Simplicity delivers rapid-acting insulin in 2-unit increments. Therefore, appropriate candidates should be able to receive insulin doses in 2-unit increments.

How long does it take to train people on CeQur Simplicity?

In a randomized controlled trial with 278 participants, 89% of healthcare providers reported that it took less than 30 minutes to train participants on the use of the Patch.

What is the expected learning curve for new CeQur Simplicity users?

In a market acceptance evaluation of CeQur Simplicity, 100% of users were able to learn to use CeQur Simplicity following training by a healthcare professional, 84% agreed that CeQur Simplicity was easy to learn to use, and 88% were fully comfortable using CeQur Simplicity after 1-3 Patch experiences.

What is included in the CeQur Simplicity kit?

The Starter Kit includes a User Guide, Getting Started Guide, three CeQur Simplicity Patches with fill syringes, one reusable Inserter, Dose Count Card, and CHANGE BY stickers.

A CeQur Simplicity prescription includes a Getting Started Guide, ten CeQur Simplicity Patches with fill syringes, Dose Count Card, and CHANGE BY stickers.

Insulin is not provided. A vial of insulin should be filled with a prescription through the pharmacy.