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  • Where are you located?
    We’re at 1002 9th Street in Durham, NC.
  • What are your hours?
    Monuts is open from 7AM to 7PM Tuesday through Friday and 8AM to 7PM on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Our kitchen closes at 3PM on weekdays and 2PM on Saturday. After the kitchen closes, we are open for coffee, espresso, pastries, and savory treats.
  • Where can I park?
    We’re a neighborhood restaurant, which means we have a relatively small parking lot. Our customers often find ample on-street parking on Knox Street, 9th Street, and Iredell Street. We do ask that customers please be respectful of neighbors when parking. This means that you should park only in legal parking spots, taking care not to block driveways or sidewalk curb-cuts, and to not park within ten feet of a street corner or fire hydrant.
  • Are you open for dine-in?
    Yes, we are open for both dine-in and takeout. If you wish to dine indoors at Monuts, you must place your order in person at the register. If you would like to order food for either takeout or for dining in our outdoor patio seating, you may place your order in person or online. Sorry, but indoor seating is not available for any orders placed online.
  • Do you have outdoor dining?
    Come join us in our new outdoor dining area! Our outdoor dining area is located just north of the building-- that's the left side if you're looking at our front door. Monuts' outdoor dining area consists of several picnic tables in a naturally landscaped garden setting. To dine outdoors, place your order in person or online. Once you order, wait inside for your food to be prepared, then bring your food outside and find a place to sit. Please remember that our outdoor area is for people, not pets, so dogs are not allowed in our outdoor dining area. Please also note that outside food and drink are prohibited, and we ask that you keep all conversation at a volume that is respectful to our neighbors.
  • How do I place an order?
    To place an order at Monuts, you have two options! 1) Order online at There is ususally a 20-30 minute wait time before your order is ready. You will receive a text message when we're bagging up and will be provided a estimated pick-up time at the time of your order. 2) Come inside! Customers who are masked are welcome to come inside to place and wait for their order. Orders can often come out quicker this way, especially on weekends when online-wait are significantly higher.
  • How do I pick-up my order?
    Once you get a message that your order is ready, head to Monuts to pick it up. We have two pick-up options for your convenience: 1) Head to the side-door located off the ramp in the parking lot. Ring the door bell and someone will be right with you. Please be courteous to other customers and leave a few feet between yourselves. 2) Head straight inside to the pick-up counter, which is located on the right side of the restaurant. An associate will help you straight away.
  • Do you take phone orders?
    Sometimes! We always try to accomodate folks who give us a call, however it is not our preferred method of receiving orders. During busy times, you will likely be directed to come in person or order online! If you have a catering inquiry, please give us a call (919) 286-2642. We are happy to answer questions and direct you to the most efficient way to place your order.
  • Do you deliver?
    Although we do have delivery as an option for some catering orders, we do not deliver our regular menu items.
  • Does Monuts cater?
    Yes, we cater many of our menu items, including donuts, pastries, and breakfast + lunch sandwiches. You can view our catering menu or place a catering order now by clicking the "Catering" tab above.
  • Does Monuts have a printable catering menu that I can keep in our office?
    Yep! Check out our seasonal catering menu here!
  • Does Monuts offer catering delivery?
    Deliveries are available between 8am and 2pm Tuesday through Friday. Some orders take more time to prepare and may require delivery times after 9:30am. Due to capacity issues and limited staff availability, we do not deliver on Saturdays. Delivery is available within a 5 mile radius of the shop. Outside of this delivery radius, delivery may be available for a larger fee on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us at to inquire about this service. Deliveries are only available for orders $100 or greater At this time, delivery includes curb-side drop off within 5 miles of Monuts. Our driver will call you upon arrival, and you must meet us at our vehicle and carry your products inside. If we can not reach you within 15 minutes of our arrival, we will leave and go back to Monuts. If that happens, the customer must arrange a pick-up at Monuts before the end of the business day. Generally speaking, we deliver within 15 minutes (before or after) of the stated delivery time. However, during high seasons, we may need to alter your delivery time as needed. Changes to delivery time greater than 15 minutes will be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I want to order donuts for my wedding, birthday party, or other special event that is more than 2 weeks away.  How do I do that?"
    For information on large catering orders, please send us an email at
  • Can I get a custom flavor that isn’t on the in-store menu?
    Sorry, but we cannot accommodate requests for off-menu flavors.
  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    Yes, we sell gift certificates for any denomination over $10.00. You may purchase a gift certificate in store during our normal business hours, or order a gift certificate online. Instructions for ordering online are below.
  • Can I order a gift certificate online?
    You can order gift certificates from our website by following the instructions below: 1) Click on the "Gifts & Goodies" tab above. 2) At the top of the page click "Products" 3) After selecting "Products", scroll to the "Gift Certificate" option 4) You can either choose to pickup in store, in which case we'll hold the gift certificate for up to 4 weeks, or we can mail the gift certificate. Just be sure to select "Ship" as your delivery method and enter the proper mailing address in the shipping section if you want us to mail it to someone else.
  • Do you have any gluten free pastries or donuts?
    All of our bakery items do contain wheat flour. Additionally, any item made in our restaurant will have been produced in a facility that process large amounts of flour. This means that any item made in our bakery or kitchen will have come in contact with flour dust.
  • Do you have any vegan items on your menu?
    Many of the items on our menu (including our bagels and focaccia) are naturally vegan, which makes the possibilities for sandwiches very possible. Although we don't have vegan-specific sandwiches printed on the menu, ask the cashier what substitues are available. Some sandwiches are better sutited for substitutions than others. Additionally, we have rotating plates and sides that often offer vegan options for guests. As our menu changes every season, please inquire with a member of our staff when you order and they can recommend items that are best for your diet. Not all ingredients are listed on our menu, so please make your dietary preferences known before ordering so that they can be properly noted on the tickets for the kitchen staff. Most of our pastries and all of our donuts contain dairy and egg. The one vegan pastry we do offer most of the time is our vegan chocolate chip cookie.
  • Do you allow substitutions?
    We will always gladly omit any component from a menu item to accomodate food allergies or dietary restrictions. Although some items can be ordered on the side, such as spreads, jams and stand alone sauces, individual sandwich components (eggs, cheese, proteins, pickles, vegetable components) will not be offered "on the side". If you are looking for a more deconstructed sandwich or plate, we recommend ordering The Usual, Avo' You Ever Wanted, or sides from our sides menu. To ensure that every item comes out accurate, in most cases, we do not allow substitutions at Monuts. For customers seeking to swap out Tofutti for Cream Cheese this substitution is generally permitted. That being said, certain sandwiches are more suited for vegan and vegetarian substitutions, and others are not. For this reason, our staff do have the discretion to deny unreasonable requests. This means that we will not take a component from one menu item (including build your own components) and add it to another menu item. We do have a build your own sandwich options and "The Usual" which allows customers to customize their order without having to make frivolous substitutions.
  • Do any of your food items contain allergens?
    Please let our staff know about any food allergies before placing your order. Our menu does not list every ingredient of each component, so please ask a staff member for assistance when ordering for anyone with a food allergy.
  • Are you hiring?
    Although we do not always have job vacancies, we do review every application we receive. To view our open positions or to submit an application, please click the “Jobs” link above.
  • Can you donate to my charitable event?
    We receive many requests each year for donations to charitable causes. Although we try to provide in-kind donations to any groups whose missions are compatible with our charitable giving guidelines, we cannot provide a donation to every group that requests one. If you would like Monuts to consider making an in-kind donation to your event, then please send us a request to All requests must be made with at least 30 days notice and should include a description of the items sought, information about the charitable cause your event supports and how your event supports that cause. Please note that Monuts typically only makes in-kind contributions, and we limit all cash contributions solely to Title I schools in the Durham Public Schools system.
  • Will you buy my product for your menu?
    At Monuts we value our relationships with local producers—in FY2019, we bought over 14,000 lbs of produce grown within a 100-mile radius of our shop, 2.5 tons of pasture raised NC pork, 5,000 gallons of milk from family-owned farm Homeland Creamery and 240,000 eggs from Latta’s Egg Ranch. We’re always seeking out additional local farmers to partner with. We generally value long-term relationships with growers in which we can work collectively to meet our needs for the next growing season as opposed to one-off deliveries of a bumper crop. If you’d like to learn about our unmet needs for the next growing season, send us an email at If you have other products you would like us to consider, such as new beverage products, then please do also send us an email at We are generally unable to meet with prospective new vendors without a previously scheduled appointment.
  • Why don’t you franchise your restaurant?
    We have no plans to enter into any franchising or licensing agreements for one simple reason—when you franchise or license, you lose your ability to ensure that every employee is paid a living wage. At Monuts, we are committed to ensuring that any employee who works a full-time job can afford to put a roof over their head and food on the table. That is why every employee at Monuts earns at least $17.00 an hour, and the median hourly wage at Monuts is $19.25 an hour. Let’s put that in context—at Monuts, our minimum wage is more than double the statewide minimum wage and $6.00 an hour more than the state-wide median wage for restaurant employees. We want to ensure that every employee at Monuts earns a living wage, and the only way we can ensure that is by being the sole employer under the Monuts brand.
  • Has Monuts considered expanding or opening additional locations?
    We certainly have considered opening additional living wage restaurants. We will gladly review any restaurant real estate for sale that meets our criteria for new locations. Please note that we will only review real estate offered for sale, not lease. Send us an email at with more information about your property and trade area and we’ll get back to you.
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