Do you make donuts for weddings? Yes! For weddings, we typically recommend our mini donuts-- they're a little bit smaller (2.5 inches) than the full-size donuts (3.5 inches) we sell in the shop, so everyone gets to try more than one type without feeling like a glutton! 


How many donuts should we get? We typically suggest 2-3 minis per person. If your reception will run more than a couple hours past dinner time, we suggest leaning towards 3 per person, but if the wedding is earlier in the day/not slated to run quite as long, 2 is generally sufficient. If you plan to offer these as a late night snack in addition to another dessert/cake earlier in the evening, 2 minis per is typically sufficient.

How early do you take bookings and what is the process? We accept large orders (more than 200 mini donuts or 10 dozen full-size donuts) up to three months before the event date. Dates are confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis, so we do suggest emailing about final details a full 3 months before your event date so that we can collect payment and confirm your date. For info and to start the payment process, please send us an email at All orders are not confirmed until payment has been received, and we are unable to hold any order slots until we have received payment in full. 

Is there a catering minimum/maximum? There is no catering minimum dollar amount, but we do require that our goodies be ordered by the package size that they are advertised as. While you can buy individual donuts in shop, seven days a week, catering orders must be in full-box increments (by the dozen for full-size donuts or by the 20 for minis). Small orders (less than 200 mini donuts or 10 dozen full-size donuts) can be placed directly through our catering portal at up to 2 weeks in advance (but must be placed at least 48 hours in advance).

While there technically *is* a maximum number of donuts we can produce, it's a pretty big number! With enough advanced notice, we can accommodate almost every order size. The limiting factor with our production capacity is always how many other events we have scheduled that day, so we always suggest sending us a preliminary email as soon as you have event details (estimated head count, date, and time of reception) so that we can make sure we don't have any pre-existing conflicts that day. Even if you reach out preliminarily, you'll need to follow up 3 months before your event as described above to pay for your order.


Do we get to pick our flavors? Yes! You may pick up to four flavors per order, and the minimum order size for each flavor is 3 boxes/60 mini donuts. Our flavors change monthly, and as such, we don't always know what varieties we'll have available when you reach out initially. Usually, we email flavors options a week before your event, and final flavor decisions must be made at least 48 before. We typically have a variety that includes a chocolate cake donut of some kind, our classic apple cider cake donut in cinnamon-sugar, and our plain glazed yeast donut, plus an assortment of 4-6 other fun flavors- both of cake and yeast donuts!


Can we create our own flavor/flavor combination? Sure, but custom varieties require an additional charge, higher minimums, and more advance notice. We do try to use seasonal produce when possible, and it is worth mentioning that not all flavors will be available year-round, even by special request. Because custom orders sometimes require us to order specialty ingredients/decorations, they may not be eligible for the full refund policy, as outlined below.


Do you offer any stands/display options? We do offer a 5 tiered display stand for rent for $40 which does not include the labor for setup. typically, it takes ~260 minis to fully fill out our 5 tier stand. Depending on who is providing your serviceware rentals for the rest of your wedding, you may be able to rent a similar stand through them as well. An added bonus of having this handled by your rental company is that you won't have to worry about returning the stand to us after your wedding! 

Do you offer any wedding desserts other than donuts? Not currently, but we're working on it, and it's absolutely something that we'd be willing to discuss if it's something that you're jazzed about! If you have a vision for approximately what items/how many you'd be looking for we are able to pull together a price quote. 


Do you deliver? We offer delivery within a small radius of the shop for a $20 flat fee. Delivery availability is dependent on the date and how many other events we have going on that day. As such, we cannot confirm any deliveries until the week of the event and delivery timeframes will be approximate. Unfortunately, Raleigh and many of the Chapel Hill/Pittsboro venues are outside of our delivery range. If your event is being held within 5 miles of Monuts and you're interested in delivery, please notify us when you reach out for your initial catering inquiry.

When can we pick up our donuts? Catering orders of all sizes can be picked up in-shop starting 30 minutes after we open, until the time that we close for the day.

Our wedding is out of town, but we reeeeallly want to have Monuts there. Can we pick up our donuts the day before and serve them the following day? We definitely don't recommend it! Unlike donuts made by the big chains, we are 100% from scratch and we add no synthetic stabilizers, preservatives, or dough conditioners, which means our donuts are best enjoyed the day they're made.  For this reason, we would strongly discourage you picking up any donuts the day before they are served. For this reason, we do not ship our donuts either.

Will I be able to update my order/Is there a refund policy? Once we lock down your date with an initial deposit, you'll be able to increase or decrease your order by any amount up to 7 days before the event. If this is necessary, we refund or invoice the difference depending on whether the amount has increased or decreased. Cancellations up to 7 days before your event are fully refundable less a $30 administrative fee; cancellations from 7 to 2 days in advance are refundable at 70% (Monuts to retain 30%) and cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are nonrefundable.