Woodlake Community Pickup  

Community pickup for pre-ordered Monuts' goodies available for Tuesday, March 2nd from 9:30-10:30AM at the Woodlake Community Center.


Items Available:

Assorted donuts by the dozen (a mix of 5-7 flavors from the list below)

Bagels by the half dozen with your choice of two 4oz containers of cream cheese - available either as a baker's assortment or as all plain

Half + Half: six assorted donuts and six bagels (available as baker's assortment or all plain) plus your choice of two 4oz containers of cream cheese


We anticipate the following donut flavors to be included in the mix:

Yeast Donuts:

Plain Glazed - vanilla yeast donut with vanilla glaze

Dark Chocolate with Sprinkles - vanilla yeast donut with chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles

Chili Mango - vanilla yeast donut with mango glaze featuring just a touch of spice!

Raspberry Cheesecake - vanilla yeast donut filled with whipped cheesecake filling + raspberry glaze


Cake Donuts:

Apple Cider - spiced apple cider cake donut tossed in cinnamon sugar

Chocolate Coffee-Cardamom - chocolate cake donut with coffee-cardamom glaze

Strawberry Lavender - Vanilla cake donut with strawberry-lavender glaze, cream cheese squiggle + sprinkles




Your choice of the following cream cheese flavors will be available for the half dozen bagel and half + half options:

Plain Cream Cheese, Chevre Cream Cheese, Honey Rosemary Crem Cheese or Scallion- Chive Cream Cheese




Your order will be confirmed as soon as payment is received. Please pick up your order on Tuesday, March 2nd between 9:30AM and 10:30AM at the Woodlake Community Center.



* These items must be ordered in advance, and all orders must be received by noon on Thursday, February 25th.  Orders are not confirmed until payment is received.  For all orders at Monuts, cancellation requests must be received at least 48 hours prior to scheduled pickup or delivery time.  Any cancellation requests received with less than 48 hours notice are refunded solely at Monuts' discretion.


All donuts contain wheat, dairy and eggs and are fried in soybean oil. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any special requests for specific varieties in your assorted donuts, except for the omission of varieties that contain nuts. You may select the option that allows you to choose between all plain or assorted bagels. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate specific mixes beyond this. Please be aware of the fact that peanuts and tree nuts are used extensively in our shop.