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A selection of twenty mini donuts featuring our favorite Valentine's Day inspired flavors.  We plan to feature a mix of the following varieties this year:


Blueberry Lavender: Vanilla cake donut with blueberry-lavender icing topped with a vanilla buttercream

Strawberry-covered Chocolate: Old fashioned chocolate cake donut with strawberry glaze and dark chocolate drizzle

Raspberry Cheesecake:  Fluffy yeast donut filled with cheesecake and topped with raspberry glaze and graham cracker crumb

Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles: Chocolate glazed yeast donut topped with a Valentine's sprinkle mix

Toasted Amaretto: Fluffy yeast donut topped with almond glaze and salty toasted almonds.


Please note that selections may vary from images above.  Looking for fewer donuts? We also have a box of 9 mini donuts available for pickup or delivery instead.

Box of 20 Valentine's Day Mini Donuts


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