Opening: Restaurant Office Manager


About Monuts: Monuts is a high-volume  100% from scratch restaurant and bakery located in Downtown Durham.  Started in 2011 as a donut-peddling tricycle, Monuts has expanded into a 34-employee restaurant selling breakfast and lunch seven days a week.


About the Office Manager: As we continue to grow operations and our employee count, the owners of Monuts, Lindsay and Rob, would love nothing more than to hire a super-human kind of human that both loves and is awesome at office work.  This person, whomever they might be, would lead the charge in the departments of human resources and payroll, online presence and brand management, bookkeeping, planning and organization, catering and inventory management.  In a perfect world, this magical human would also really enjoy food and probably be “in-the-know” when it came to the restaurant industry.  It’s not essential, but in our heads, managing a dentist’s office is probably a lot different than managing a high-volume restaurant, so some experience in the latter would be a boom more than a bust. 


The Office Manager works (mostly) behind the scenes to support the management team in endeavors to create an environment that is rich in good food, good jobs and good hospitality.  We pride ourselves in treating our restaurant like a proper business, which means it’s a system of interconnected systems, all requiring documentation, spreadsheets and a good deal of human expertise to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible and at the standards we strive to meet.  The good news is that we’ve spent the better part of the last 4 years establishing, implementing and tweaking these systems, so the back-end is nowhere near the shit-show that you might imagine it could be.  The bad news is that managing the administrative side of a restaurant can often seem as disorganized and incoherent as a collage made by your 4-year old.  Your day may include anything from reminding a staff member about hygiene standards to spending a day in front of spread sheets trying to figure out why food costs is so high, to politely responding to a customer who wants to know why we don’t offer gluten free donuts.  At the end of the day, we’re looking for someone who is pretty good at a lot of different things, who doesn’t mind their day-to-day changing around as the needs of their co-workers and restaurant at-large continue to shift and evolve with time and circumstance.  Below is a quick overview of the some of the major duties associated with this position and the requirements we anticipate needing from our future hire.  It is not exhaustive, but should provide a pretty decent inkling of what this job might look like from the inside. An even more detailed, although still not exhaustive, job description is available by following this link.


Job Duties


  • Audits timesheets, allocates tip pool, calculates paid time off, and processes payroll

  • Writes and publishes weekly schedule with consultation from area managers

  • Advertises job vacancies, culls applications, and schedules interviews after selection by area managers

  • Conducts new hire orientations and ensures all onboarding protocols are being followed correctly

  • Schedules and documents all hourly reviews and evaluations in conjunction with department head.  Sits in on all evaluations as secretary and HR representative

  • Regularly posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter highlighting different aspects of our business, business practices, and products. 

  • Responds to customer inquiries and complaints via e-mail and social media.  Investigates complaints with appropriate area managers.

  • Manages accounts payable and processes invoices by due date

  • Audits sales and prepares weekly and monthly sales reports.  Uses this data to help departments set pars, minimize waste and prune menu

  • Prepares financial projections

  • Prepares cash deposits and change orders

  • Prepares and submits monthly sales tax filings

  • Input all receipts and payments in QuickBooks; reconciles all accounts

  • Assists management team in formulating, documenting, and implementing plans for special projects

  • Assist any department in whatever capacity you can, even if that means running food for an hour to get through a busy spurt

  • Ensures all required licenses and third-party inspections are up to date

  • Schedules vendors for equipment repair and maintenance from list of approved vendors

  • Creates documents, signage and support materials in consultation with other departments

  • Plans staff events and trainings

  • Prints incoming catering orders, maintains calendars, and accurately files upcoming orders

  • Responds to emailed catering inquiries, prepares invoices for custom orders, and tracks payment on custom orders

  • Supports area managers by inventorying and ordering specialty ingredients, beer, wine, liquor, and disposables (papergoods)

  • Works with department supervisors to identify gaps in sourcing and then identifies possible vendors to fill those voids

  • Maintaining relationships with key vendors!


Required Qualifications

  • The ideal candidate will have an employment history that demonstrates progressively advancing human resources, office management, or bookkeeping experience

  • Although this is an office management position, the ideal candidate would be familiar with restaurant operations and have recent (within the last 10 years) experience in a food, beverage, or hospitality setting in any capacity

  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills that demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence

  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision.  Although you are part of large team, we hate micromanaging people (especially managers), so we’re looking for someone who is a self directed. 

  • Ability to prioritize needs, create action plans, and get things done in a rapidly changing environment

  • Strong attention to operational and administrative detail

  • Proficient in Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, Google Calendar, and other office support software

  • Team player with a positive outlook, creative approach to problem solving, and the desire to help out anywhere they can to keep Monuts operating at full capacity

  • Must be over 21 and have a driver’s license with clean driving record.



$45,000 to $55,000 per year, dependent on experience.  The Office Manager also receives access to a retirement savings plan, a health insurance reimbursement program, 2 weeks paid time off, and additional paid holiday closures at Christmas and Thanksgiving.  As a salaried manager, this person will also be eligible for an annual performance bonus that is commensurate with profitability of the restaurant and overall job performance. 


This is a full-time (40 – 45 hours per week) position, with a schedule of 7AM to approximately 3:30PM Monday through Friday at our restaurant located in Downtown Durham.

To apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to  Please be sure to highlight your relevant work experience and let us know why you're a good candidate for the position.

We strongly encourage all applicants to please explore our website and become familiar with our values and our story before applying.